This past week, I was setting up a Node.js backend for the first time and fell into a rabbit hole while researching the organizational development options. Enter Git Hooks—these allow the user to run custom scripts whenever a specified git event occurs. You can write the hooks in any language…

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Procs and Lambdas are both used similarly but are different in a particular way. Both are higher order functions which are functions that take other functions as parameters or returns them as a result. …

Part 3: Adding MongoDB to our API

We will continue from where we left off in this tutorial series by adding MongoDB to our API. If you are just starting now feel free to clone all the code from the previous tutorial here.

First we need to download the MongoDB community server. Make sure to pick the…

In Ruby on Rails we can use the ActiveStorage gem to upload files to your database. Although it takes a little getting used to, it allows you to rather simply upload an image and (in my case) save it in an AWS S3 bucket, then saves the S3 url as…

Part 2: Creating a Model, Router and Controller

On the last tutorial we created a very basic ‘Hello World’ implementation of Express.js. In this part of the series we will create a Model, Router and Controller. With the goal of creating a Movie lookup API.

Open up the app me we made in the last tutorial. If you’re…

TypeScript allows us to write error proof code by specifying which type the variables we write are. This makes it easier for anyone new to the codebase you are working on to understand what data type is going where.

The most basic data types are


Part 1: How to setup basic Express API server

This will be a quick run through how to setup basic Express API server.

Go ahead and create a new directory and open it in your IDE. Initiate the project with npm with the following command

$ npm init -y

This will setup your package.json file with all the default…

I’m currently in the process of taking what I learned from the Flatiron School’s Software Engineering program and building upon it. Right now, I’m focusing on learning how to make a backend API using Node.js and also giving noSQL databases a go. Welcome MongoDB.

The difference between using MongoDB and…

This week, I decided to take a look at Puppeteer. I knew it was a way to make little automated browser scripts and was excited to give it a try. I made a simple script to search the MDN JavaScript docs website for an Array method, return the method’s definition…

For those looking to use a backend in JavaScript, we used to just have one option: Node.js.

JavaScript was created for the browser and had always lived there until Node.js came along in 2009, freeing the language to work outside the browser. The original vision was to have a small…

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